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Child living arrangements after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Divorce

Although divorce is difficult, couples with children must deal with a more overwhelming decision of the welfare of the kids. Parents must ensure that their children are living their best possible lives. In Washington state, courts look at several conditions before determining the parent who will have primary physical custody. However, the interests of the child are a priority. Here are other factors that influence the court’s decision on living arrangements.

Parent with stronger emotional ties to the child

The emotional health of the child is as important as their physical and mental health. The role of the court is to determine the parent with stronger emotional ties to the child. To do this, the court notes the parent who cares for the child. Additionally, the court also accounts for the parent who knows more about the kid. Further, the court will also determine the parent with whom the kid is more comfortable.

Financial situation

When making the child custody decisions, the court will also check the financial ability of the parent. Parents with sound finances are able to meet the needs of their children. Additionally, they can provide the children with a clean and stable living environment.

Mental and physical health of the parents

The mental and physical well-being of the parents is also considered during a custody hearing case. Parents who are mentally and physically stable are more capable of raising their children. Parents with serious mental and physical conditions rarely get bestowed with custody rights.

The parent’s wishes

The court might also consider the wishes of the parents. Most parents wish for joint legal custody of the children. In such a case, the parents have the right to make health, education and other vital decisions in the children’s lives.

You can contact an attorney for help in your child custody case. An attorney could assist you in reaching the most favorable outcome.