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Top examples of business fraud

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Civil Litigation

Running a business is a great way to work towards time flexibility and financial freedom. Unfortunately, business fraud is all too common and can quickly lead to the need for legal representation, especially if you are not committing fraud or if you are adamant about resolving your case. If you are living in the State of Washington, understanding the top examples of business fraud can help to protect you and your business from financial and legal woes.

Charity and foundation fraud

Some of the most common examples of business fraud that occurs with business transactions and litigation include charity and foundation fraud cases. Launching a charity or foundation to funnel money from unsuspecting victims is commonplace and does a disservice to those in genuine need.

Internet auction fraud

Online auction websites and companies are also notorious for launching or aiding in scam rings in order to swindle innocent bidders and site users from their own money.

Non-delivery of products, services, and merchandise

Common business transactions and litigation that require legal assistance often include the non-delivery of products, services, and merchandise from a company itself. When a company preys on customers in order to take their money while never delivering products, it is considered business fraud.

Non-payment of owed earnings or funds

Business fraud also includes companies not paying employees or contractors for services and goods rendered. Additionally, non-payment of funds also occurs when a business receives goods but never pays the providing company or individual for them.

While owning a business and conducting business online is a great way to remain independent, it is essential to avoid engaging in any activity that is fraudulent or illegal. If you are being charged with business fraud or if you are a victim of business fraud yourself, consider working alongside a professional legal team for proper guidance and counsel.