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A way to avoid procuring disputes

An agent involved in the sale of a Washington property is entitled to a share of the sale’s profits. The work an agent invests does give them the right to make disputes regarding their commissions. There is a cordial way of dealing with such disputes. However, when you’re proactive, procuring disputes can be avoided entirely.

Introduce the agent

For real estate litigation and procuring disputes, it’s important that a person’s agent be involved. It’s possible for a property owner to speak to numerous agents and property owners but overlook giving their own agent a call. In all cases, be sure to introduce your agent; lead prospects to them before closing a deal.

Disclose the agreement in writing

A real estate agent or Realtor makes up for the inexperience of their clients, but how an agent and their client work together needs to be detailed in writing. The more that’s explained regarding the role and commissions, the less likely a dispute can arise. You and your agent may rely on a document to disclose the function of your relationship.

Leave it all to them

Not every case is worth leaving entirely in the hands of an agent, but consider giving them substantial responsibility. The less that an agent’s client does, the less likely that the personal interests of other agents will arise. Disputes in court do come about due to multiple agents claiming the commissions of a single real estate deal. It’s best if only one agent works from start to finish.

Real estate litigation in Washington

From the perspective of state law, every agent with a rightful claim to a commission should get paid their commission. Real estate litigation should be considered as a last option. It’s best if a property owner and their agent first speak. Being transparent and cooperative will help to avoid future disputes.