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What is a quiet title action in real estate?

Are you in the middle of trying to buy or sell a property that doesn’t possess a full title? This can be a very complex and tricky process to negotiate. One of the best ways to clear up the issue of title may be to file a quiet title action. This is a method that can expedite the action in a safely legal manner.

Why should you file a quiet title action?

You may not always have time to clear up the issue of title before you buy or sell a property. If this is the case, you need to work fast in order to avoid a long and costly round of real estate litigation. Filing a quiet title action may be the most convenient way to do so.

The title that you wish to acquire may have multiple claimants, disputes over interest or a number of inherent defects. The wording may be unclear, or it might have been issued under circumstances that remain in dispute. The purpose of filing a quiet title action is to clarify ownership and settle all disputes.

How long does the process usually take?

It usually takes six to eight weeks to settle a real estate dispute. The price of taking this action may amount to several thousand dollars. This will normally be the case even if the title is not subject to contest by other parties. Filing this action will normally resolve all outstanding issues but may be costlier and lengthier than other methods.

This is not the kind of action that can be quickly navigated through. It is usually resorted to when other means have been tried without success. However, once you commit the necessary time and effort, it usually results in a clear title to the property.