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Three things to consider when a neighbor’s water damages your property

You’re not going to get far in life without water. With that said, too much water can be a bad thing when it ends up affecting your property. If you’re dealing with water damage from a neighbor in Washington, you might be able to claim damages. Here’s more information about three factors in disputes involving water damage from a neighbor.

Where the water came from

Arguably, the most important factor in water damage-related disputes involved where the water came from. If your neighbor intentionally dumped hundreds of gallons of water in your yard, the intent is obvious. But what if your neighbor’s yard sloped just enough to cause water damage to your property? In this situation, a judge might not be as eager to take your side.

How the water damaged your property

Another factor in real estate litigation involving water damage has to do with the extent damage this incident caused. For example, a neighbor’s leaky hose probably won’t do much damage to your property. But if your neighbor’s home completely floods, this incident could destroy your home.

Seeking damages

Understandably, victims of water damage caused by another party often want to seek damages. These expenses can cover a wide range of factors, including the cost of repairing any part of your property damaged by water. If found guilty, the other party might also have to pay medical bills if water damage caused injuries to anyone in your home. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to provide proof that backs up your claims.

In closing, no one ever wants to deal with water damage in or around their homes. If your neighbor is responsible for damaging your home or yard with water, it’s always best to try and resolve things peacefully.