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Everett Child Support Modification Lawyer

When two people have a child together, a divorce or separation rarely marks the true end of the relationship. Throughout the child’s life, both parents will continue to make important decisions about the child’s education, medical care and other important matters. They are also both required to contribute to supporting the child financially.

While there is an initial child support determination when the couple first splits, often, a parent’s financial situation can change. When this happens, it might be necessary to modify the existing child support amount.

If you or your child’s other parent is pursuing a child support modification in Washington, I can assist you. I am , and I have a history of achieving favorable results for clients in a range of complex dissolutions matters, including complex issues such as child support modifications.

Child support issues are subject to mandatory arbitration. Many parents make the mistake of representing themselves during child support arbitration proceedings.

It is important to hire an experienced lawyer to ensure that your rights and interests are protected during arbitration.

Collecting Past-Due Support In Snohomish County

Another area in which I offer substantial experience is collecting back judgments for child-related expenses. To learn more about how I can help you recover past-due child support through wage garnishment and other methods, contact my law firm.

To schedule a personal consultation with an experienced child support modification attorney in Arlington, call (425) 374-1698 or send me an email.  The serves Arlington, Marysville and surrounding areas.