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Everett Child Custody Lawyer

Disputes over child custody and parenting plans are the number one reason why divorces become contested. While all parents want what is best for their children, often a parent’s judgment can become clouded by emotions. As your lawyer, I will guide you through the case as efficiently as possible, always with your child’s best interest in mind.

I am Julie Herber, a lawyer dedicated to helping people through some of the most difficult and complex complex dissolutions cases — those that involve children. If you are worried about losing access to your child, I can help you.

I know that custody battles can be both expensive and volatile. I believe lawyers have an ethical obligation to provide high-quality, cost-effective service. Many custody issues can be resolved through negotiation and settlement. Others are best handled in the courtroom.

Snohomish County Visitation Lawyer

In a parenting plan, the visiting parent will have restrictions on residential time spent with the child. Overcoming these restrictions can be very difficult. This is why it is so important to come to a fair arrangement that both parents are satisfied with during the initial custody proceedings.

Going to court is expensive, and returning to court after an initial parenting plan agreement is settled will be even more expensive. I work to avoid this and to resolve complex custody issues in a cost-sensitive manner for my clients.

If you do need assistance to modify an existing parenting plan in Washington, I have experience handling these complex cases.

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