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Knowledgable Business Valuation And Division Representation

In divorces involving business assets, accurately valuing the business is an essential step in order to properly divide it between the two spouses. This is not an easy task for an untrained and inexperienced person.

If you and your spouse own a closely held business such as a family business, or business interests, contact my law firm, the Law Offices of Julie M. Herber, in Arlington, Washington.

Business owners embarking on divorce benefit from my many years of business and accounting experience. I have a strong background in real estate and small business transactions, and I regularly work with business and financial experts as needed to accurately value my clients’ businesses.

Getting A Fair Valuation For Your Business

Business valuation is a complex legal area that requires a great deal of skill. A closely held business usually has a unique structure that is tailored to the business’s tax, profitability and liquidity goals. The structure may include various real estate, business leases, and other assets and debts. There may be multiple lawyers of entity. This makes dividing a closely held business much more complicated than simply dividing shares of a company.

I have a proven record of successfully valuing businesses and crafting creative settlement agreements. Many business owners and members of the legal community have attested to my skill in this area.

An Experienced Lawyer To Help With Family Business Division

Contact the Law Offices of Julie M. Herber to schedule a personal consultation with an experienced business valuation attorney in Snohomish County. Call (425) 374-1698 or send me an email, and I will respond promptly. My law firm serves Arlington, Marysville and surrounding areas in western Washington.