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A Plaintiff’s Practice

I represent individuals involved in civil litigation. While my primary focus is complex dissolutions, I have a strong background in real estate and small business transactions. In addition to divorce and complex dissolutions matters, I represent plaintiffs in other civil matters and accept referrals in the areas of collection of judgments, and general civil litigation.

I serve clients in Snohomish County and surrounding areas, and throughout the state of Washington for select cases. Many of my divorce and complex dissolutions clients are located in the Whidbey and Camano Islands region, and North Snohomish County.

Due to the longevity of my practice in the region and my proven track record of results, I frequently receive referrals from other lawyers.

My Approach

I think it is important to establish and maintain a personal and trusting relationship with each client in order to effectively analyze and represent their unique needs. As your lawyer, I will sit down with you and create a customized road map that will outline your case strategy. I want you to leave our initial meeting with peace of mind, knowing what to expect in the days and weeks ahead.

While some attorneys tend to undereducate their clients, I believe you are capable of understanding your case and being an active participant in every decision that is made. This keeps you in control of the final outcome and ultimately results in a high level of satisfaction.

Firm Information

My initial consultations are always in person. My office is located in downtown Arlington. The firm accepts all major credit cards.

Contact An Experienced Snohomish County complex dissolutions Firm

I welcome you to contact my law firm to schedule a personal consultation with me, Julie Herber, an experienced complex dissolutions attorney in Snohomish County. Call (425) 374-1698 or send me an email, and I will respond promptly.